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Written in Blood

Wanted: Vampire - Written in Blood

Book 3 of the Wanted Vampire Trilogy

When Annabelle Cox is forced to return to her hometown of Medford, she is anxious to tell a certain vampire he’s had her heart for years. Malik Drake is sexy as hell and completely irresistible, but the bad boy is also engaged to marry her mother the moment her father dies.

Ignoring the complications, she’s determined to tell him how she feels in hopes of changing his plans for the future. But the closer she gets to him, the more powerful a hidden adversary becomes, and their sizzling attraction may not stand a chance in Hell.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release: October 1, 2014



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To all the fans of the Wanted: Vampire Trilogy, my eternal gratitude for reading and reviewing. I hope you enjoyed the journey!



His hands tightened around her, frustration raking through his body. “I don’t want you to go.”

Her jaw worked with irritation. “You don’t want me to go, you don’t want to lose your stupid bet, you don’t want to admit you have an ounce of feeling for me, and I’m tired of it. You’ve made your decision, and now I’m making mine. I’ll never be your mistress, and you’re just going to have to deal with that.” She pushed him away from her and straightened her dress. A deep breath followed, satisfaction written in her expression. “I actually feel better. I’m glad we had this little chat. Thank you, Malik.”

“My pleasure,” he said, enjoying the lingering warmth from her body.

“The adult thing to do would be to wish each other happiness. Can you agree to that or will I have to find a different place to stay?”

Everything that had happened flashed through his brain until he could resist no more. He gripped her body from behind and whispered in her ear. “Sweet Annabelle, do you really want me to forget the way your body felt when I did this?” he asked, inching his hands up to cup her breasts.

She quivered in his arms. Her heart pounded. “Y-yes.”

“And this?” He stroked his thumbs across her hard nipples and ground his erection into her ass.

“Oh fuck,” she breathed. “Please stop.”

A torturous effort, he removed his hands and kissed her neck. “I could will you to stay.”

“You won’t.”

“How do you know?”

“Because you know every word I said was true. Now mind your own business. Which is not my body, by the way,” she added, turning on him.

“Tell me you didn’t enjoy yourself just now.”

Her flushed cheekbones rose higher. “Shut up. I will stop liking you,” she insisted through her unwilling smile.

He delighted in her amusement. “You smell delicious when you’re aroused.”

Her hands shot up to cover her face. “Oh God. I’m going on a date, you idiot,” she yelled as she stomped to the bathroom. “He’s going to get the wrong idea!”

“I’d be happy to cancel for you.”



The ending to the Wanted: Vampire trilogy is every bit as exciting and satisfying as books 1 and 2.

In this story Alexis’ daughter, Annabelle, is all grown up and ready to make her way in the big, bad world of vampires and witches. But when she professes her love to Malik, he is less than receptive. Though this is the third book in the trilogy, you could easily read this one, even if you haven’t read the first two and not be lost.

The Wanted: Vampire books are fast-paced and Lisa Rayns provides a unique take on both vampires and witches. Written in Blood does not vary from what made the first two stories gripping. The plot seizes you from page one and the writing is superb. The characters are full of life and draw you into their world. Unlike with some series, readers are treated to seeing their favorite characters again and again in each book. (And for me, that is a MAJOR bonus as there is nothing I hate worse that having a character I love only appear once or twice in a series.)

If you are looking for a fresh take on the paranormal world that you won’t want to put down, you must give Written in Blood a read.

~ bsparky


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