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Curse of the Egyptian Goddess

Book 1 of the Egyptian Duet

(Novella ~ 36,000 words)

Given her ten-year curse that leaves her beaten and bruised, Emma Patrix has grown accustomed to drinking away the pain. And with a trail of dead bodies behind her, it was only a matter of time before the law caught up.

Now she's accused of murder and she must flee the country to find the one man who can help her break the curse-Calvin Konrad. She finally catches up with him in Egypt, but he's not the same sweet boy she remembers from her childhood. And getting him to help her proves more difficult than she ever imagined.

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Released: October 31, 2011

2nd Edition: April 2013


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Book 2 of the Egyptian Duet should be released in 2017!

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I panicked when he stalked toward me. My mind panicked anyway. My heart was racing, and my libido was screaming with his threat of barbarian sex. “Calvin? Please tell me you’re Calvin,” I said as I backed away.

“Take off your shirt,” he ordered, stopping his advance.

Completely thrown by the request, I stared at him. “What?”

“Take it off. You say you’re Cleo Patrix, take off your shirt so I know for sure.”

I shook my head and pulled the necklace out from under my shirt. “You can see the necklace. I don’t need to take my shirt off for that.”

Ignoring my rebuttal, he advanced further. “I could do it for you.”

“No.” I gasped, holding up my hand to stop him. “Fine, I’ll do it.”

Heat rose into my face when I removed my shirt and his hungry eyes stared at my chest.

He grinned with satisfaction. “Ah… Cleo. You’ve grown up, I see. About goddamn time,” he growled, removing his own shirt.

My mouth fell open at the sight of his tan broad chest and ripped abs. I wanted to run my hand across each corded muscle and feel the texture of his skin.

Until he moved toward me again with angry eyes. His hard chest rose and fell with labored breaths, and I fought the urge to punch him before he violated me. From the look in his eye, I gathered it wouldn’t be a touchy feely kind of love. Tensing, I backed away until I hit a wall.
“Stop!” I screamed, outraged by his behavior. He’d been out of my life for ten years and never once called or sent a letter, but now he acted like he owned me.

His expression was dark and severe when he stopped only inches from me. “Why are you here?” he asked, his voice low and rough. “And why are you so desperate?”

“I’m not desperate.” I tilted my head to look up at him.

A cold laugh echoed in the room. “You weren’t sure I was Calvin, yet you’re standing in my room half naked. That’s desperate.



 "Check this out if you enjoy intense, sexually-charged thrillers with compelling characters. I look forward to seeing more from this author!"

~ Literary R & R

"Lisa Rayns did an excellent job with this story of Egyptian curses and the struggle her characters face in trying to break the curse. I loved how the characters came alive and the story unfolded. It kept me turning the page and trying to guess how it would all play out. A definite must read! I'll be keeping my eye on future releases from this author!"

~ Book Obsession


"Curse of the Egyptian Goddess is truly a twisted curse of all curses."

~ M.R. Polish, YA author.


"A compelling page turner that will suck you in."

~ Stephanie Nelson, author of Craved.


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